T-MINUS Two weeks one day til HANGOUT FESTIVAL 2016!

So ready for this weekend of inspiration coming up! Foals and Florence + the Machine and BØRNS and Silversun Pickups, OH MY!
I'm not sure if you other musicians get a burst of excitement about seeing others play live but it's something that I look forward to more than many things!
But anyways that is a couple weeks away and I'm stoked, I'm also looking at it as a mini vacay, much needed too! 

Also keep looking out for my album this summer, it's still a little ways away but I'll keep you posted =)

I have already had so much fun playing my set gigs at
Cosmos in Orange Beach every Sunday, goodness the managers and bartenders and servers really do know how to make me feel happy every time I get to play there, and not to mention the customers are just fantastic. I can't wait for Luna's and Buzzcatz to open up next door, you can guarantee most of my future blogs will be done sitting in Buzzcatz sippin' on a delicious americano!

You all stay true to you, whatever that may be. 

You only get one life, so live it!

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