So far SOOOOO great!

WOW! I am so happy about this year's music and adventures I've gotten to experience!

Thank you all for showing support during my gigs and encouraging me to keep on playing, it motivates me beyond words and fuels my fire and inspiration for music.

Soon and very soon I will have my first album out, and can't wait to share my originals with all of you!
Feel free to email me too anytime about songs you may wanna hear and I can load it to my Youtube page or even personally put it on my Facebook page for you. 

Also, Cosmo's ,Cobalt , Manci's  and now The Sanbar you guys really are so great, customers are super sweet, and the servers and bartenders, well you guys make me feel like family every time I get to play at your establishment. I am seriously so grateful for you all, every kind word that you say toward me really does resonate in my ears, so thank you all again so much!

Well I'm outsies for today and I'll catch you guys later!

Don't forget to live today to the fullest! 

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